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  • Converters
  • Security
  • Multimedia
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Category Name & URL Free? Platform What it is
Productivity OneNote Yes ALL (+ Web) Ultimate note-taking, organization app
OS Utilities AquaSnap No Win Advanced window management, snapping, multi-monitor support, etc.
Dev VSCode Yes ALL IDE, focused on web dev
Dev Notepad++ Yes Win In-between notepad and a real IDE. Good for lightweight code editing / scratchpads / quick edits.
Converters DoPDF *Yes Win Print from any app to PDF
Security Eset NOD32 No Win My go-to antivirus/firewall/etc. Very reputable.
Utilities Image Resizer Powertool (Github) Yes Win Instantly resize images with just one or two clicks. Launches from right click menu.
Design Yes Win Somewhere in-between MS Paint and Gimp/Photoshop. Easy to use graphical editor.
Utilities SyncToy Yes Win Keep directories in sync
Multimedia Greenshot Yes Win, Mac Screenshot taker
Converters HandBrake Yes All Video converter
Converters AVS4You Video Converter *Yes Win Video converter
Utilities LockHunter Yes Win Find out what is locking a file or directory
Utilities MiniTool Partition Wizard *Yes Win, *All Partition manager
Utilities Parted Magic *Yes *All Bootable partition manager, with a ton of extra utilities thrown in (HDD erase tools, system utils, etc).

They went commercial, but the last free version can be found here, on MajorGeeks
Utilities PeaZip Yes Win, *All Zip / Archive tool
Other Cyotek Sitemap Creator Yes Win Crawler / Sitemap creator
Multimedia Videopad Video Editor *Yes Win Slim video editor
Multimedia oCam *Yes Win Video capture Software

Warning: Some downloads come bundled with adware
Utilities theRenamer Yes Win Automatic renaming of TV episodes and movies based on API matching
Utilities den4b Renamer *Yes Win Advanced bulk filename renamer
Dev Yenka Circuit Simulator *Yes Win Circuit simulator
Multimedia PotPlayer Yes Win Video player
Dev Laragon Yes Win WAMP stack
Dev Postman Yes ALL API testing, request sender, etc.
Dev RequestBin *Yes All (web) Provides a public endpoint you can use to capture and inspect HTTP requests.
Dev Ngrok *Yes All Instant reverse-proxy to localhost.
Utilities Eraser Yes Win Secure file eraser
Utilities HWiNFO Yes Win System Hardware readout / sensor info / diagnostics
Other MouseJiggler Yes Win Super simply program - while running, keeps "jiggling" your mouse pointer to stop any screensaver / auto shutoffs from triggering
Other Yumi Yes All Multi-boot USB manager
Other Rufus Yes Win Bootable USB creator. Best-in-class, and perfect for creating OS install media.
Dev HeidiSQL Yes Win SQL Database editor, browser, manager, etc. Very full-featured, yet intuitive to use and well-designed.
Dev SQLite Studio Yes All Portable, lightweight SQLite browser / editor. Easy to use.
Design / Dev ColorPix Yes Win Portable freeware tiny app that lets you grab Hex / RGB / etc. values from pixels on your screen. Super handy for design.
Dev WinSCP Yes Win FTP client. My favorite feature is the special "keep remote directory up to date" sub-feature of the "synchronize" feature. This will auto-upload changed files as you edit them locally, with optional config settings on which files to watch. Hard to find in other FTP clients.
Dev Fork Yes Win, Mac Git GUI client. Probably the only one I have ever tried and actually liked and found value in over the CLI. Very powerful and actually intuitive to use!
Multimedia NAPS2 Yes Win, Linux "Not Another PDF Scanner 2"

Excellent lightweight freeware (and OpenSource!) scanner software. Honestly the best all-in-one tool I've found for bulk scanning to image files or PDFs. Has built in controls for cropping, image adjustment, OCR, reordering files from duplex scans, and much more! Also has CLI tool.
Productivity Typora Yes ALL Markdown editor, focused on being as minimal as possible. Has dev features, but UI is similar to basic text editor like Word, so non-devs should be comfortable with it as well.
Productivity Markdown Monster *Yes Win Markdown editor, very full-featured and with a dev-focus.

* = Free for evaluation, purchase strongly encouraged.

Other stuff

  • Secure erase

    • Lists:

    • Best for windows: Eraser
    • Bootable option:

      • The best option used to be Darik's Boot and Nuke (known by most as DBAN), but it looks like it got bought and is now a commercial product

        • You can still get the old version here
        • The underlying wipe commands that powered DBAN were forked into nwipe, which is now bundled into other software (see below)
      • nwipe Powered:

        • Shred OS is basically a more up-to-date DBAN, which supports UEFI and is based on nwipe
        • Parted Magic (partition manager) now comes bundled with nwipe

          • However, just like DBAN, they went commercial. The last free version can be found here, on MajorGeeks
      • CMRR HDDErase from UC San Diego

        • Does NOT use DOD wipe or any other wipe method that involves randomly writing data over blocks - only uses the Secure Erase or Enhanced Secure Erase function, which is built into the HDD by the manufacturer
        • This method tends to have more success with SSDs than others
        • Places a lot of trust in manufacturers... and some drives do not properly implement this!!!
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