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Markdown - Cheatsheet


  • Some basic HTML is permissable directly in Markdown, which you can use to get around some "gotchas"

    • Some handy ones to remember:

      • <br> for line break
      • &nbsp; for literal non-breaking space
      • &copy; for copyright symbol (©)
    • Note that many converters will strip out certain tags.

    • Of course, if you find yourself writing mostly HTML, it might be time to consider leaving Markdown for your specific file...


  • Linebreaks are often not permissable within certain blocks (like within table row).

    • You can cheat and use <br>, which most MD parsers should echo out as line break.
    • Here is one now:

      === Hey! ===

  • Multiple spaces are truncated, and you can't use spaces for indenting

    • You can always use &nbsp;
    • Bulleted lists are also a good way to inject indenting
  • Subsection (aka anchor) linking:

    • Really good summary from "TomOnTime" that summarize how GitHub handles it:

      1. It downcases the string
      2. remove anything that is not a letter, number, space or hyphen (see the source for how Unicode is handled)
      3. changes any space to a hyphen.
      4. If that is not unique, add "-1", "-2", "-3",... to make it unique
    • Someone made a super easy to use TOC generator based on the above thread; just paste into this webpage.
  • Tables

    • They tend to not get parsed correctly if you don't precede them with either an empty line, or a heading (# My Heading)
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